BAD-Process for Photo Based Reliefs

Process for Photo Based Reliefs

1. Testing different positions of the construction



2. Selecting the colors


3. Fine tuning the lighting


4 PROCESS Polaroid photo red yel P..jpg

4. 20" x 24" Red Yellow Polaroid Photograph Collection: Brooklyn Museum




This shoot was set up at the Polaroid Studios at the Museum of Fine Arts, Ma. 1962. It took hours to set up the shoot. The technician pressed the button on the Polaroid camera. 60 seconds later out came this 20" x 24" photograph. The camera was the size of a small refrigerator. Each print is unique. There are no negatives. There were 7, 20" x 24" Polaroid cameras in the world. Five are still in existence.

The processes from beginning to end originated in my studio for the photo/constructions and Photo/Cutouts.

Yellow Blue Polaroid is part of the European Polaroid Collection at Westlicht Museum, Vienna, Austria and in the book, "From Polaroid to impossible Masterpieces of Instant Photography" 2011.


Red Yellow Polaroid Photo/Construction, 20"W x 24"H x4"D, Red Yellow Polaroid Photograph 20"x24" 1996


Red Yellow Polaroid Photo/Cutout 24"W x 16"H x7"D, Red Yellow Polaroid Photograph 20"x24" 1996